An exceptional night horse show combining fire, fireworks and special effects.

Created in 2008, this show is a firework of colors and technical prowess. Spirals of fire garrocha, balls, fireworks, torch horse, fountains of flames, many poetic pictures, enchanting and techniques that combine the beauty of the horse to the element “fire”.
Adaptable to all places of configurations, this show connects different tables before ending with a final fireworks.

pyrotechnics horse fire wingscontents :
• Number of freedom
• Numéro « Black and White »
• fire-breathing Garrocha
• Fire Wings riding
• Creature Spitting fire on stilts
• Fountains flames
• Balls artifices
• Bouquet final of fireworks adapted by location
• …

Format :

References :
• Equestrian Nights of Beziers Feria 2017
• Equi-Rando, Bourg-en-Bresse 2017
• "Horses and Gods", Saintes-Maries de la Mer 2017
• Caval'Est Festival, National Stud Farm Rosières 2017